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April 21, 2016

Trusted Answers: Why Is Governance Important To Your Institution?

<p dir="ltr">Fundamental to the foundation of many institutional investors&rsquo; robust portfolios is a strong governance structure that fosters communication, collaboration and alignment of goals between investment professionals and the board of trustees. Good governance can propel the investable capital to new heights, while poor governance can cripple even the savviest of investment strategies.</p>
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January 27, 2014

How Corporate Governance has Affected Asia's Real Estate Market

Corporate Governance Report interviews CapitaLand CFO Arthur Lang on the impact of corporate governance on Asia's real estate industry and investment. Corporate governance is a major issue when it comes to Asia's real estate industry. It has become increasingly important for companies operating within the sector to monitor and refine their processes, to reduce the chances of corruption and fraud, and maintain the trust of stakeholders. Corporate Governance Report spoke to Arthur Lang, CFO of CapitaLand -- one of Asia's largest real estate companies -- to find out about their culture of compliance, and the challenges they face expanding their services in developing countries. For a full transcript visit: http://www. For more interviews from Corporate Governance Report go to
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Leopard Capital on the Frontier of Frontier Markets in South East Asia

Ken Stevens has been working in market research and investments for 23 years in Southeast Asia. Previously head of research and an investment banker at CLSA Securities in Thailand, he cofounded Leopar...
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From SRI to ESG: The Changing World of Responsible Investing

Thoughtful investment professionals continue to debate whether a portfolio's long-term performance can be enhanced by including environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations in the security selection process, but responsible investing is more than a passing trend...
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Norwegian wealth fund set to raise bar on governance

News that Norway's $760bn oil fund has set up an advisory governance board will force other sovereign wealth funds to brush up their governance and transparency credentials, say experts. Last month, t...
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