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Market Swoon in December - Stock Traders Daily NEWS

First, leading into the election, given what happened with the FBI, money flows that would normally have found their way into the stock market paused. Specifically, I am talking about the money flow...
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The $18 Trillion Credit Pension Injection

Traditional investing logic would indicate that the rally in bonds is overdue for a reversal, but investors may have to continue to wait for any such turn.They can thank or blame pension funds, depending on their perspective. These funds now oversee more than $18.6 trillion, a volume of assets that's bigger than annual U.S. economic output, according to Federal Reserve data. And they're increasingly plowing their money into debt, including money newly raised through increased taxes.
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South Korean Securities Firms’ Hedge Funds Growing Well

Korean Hedge FundsAccording to industry sources, NH Investment & Securities’ hedge fund NH Absolute Return 1, which was formed two months ago, raised 285 billion won until Oct. 17. The company is planning to raise a total of 300 billion won with this fund within this year, and the goal is likely to be achieved soon.Korea Asset Investment Securities’ hedge fund called Korea Asset Classic Public Offering Fund 1 raised 16.8 billion won in its first month on the market. Investing mainly in government and public bonds, top-rated corporate bonds and publicly offered shares, this fund is to achieve a yearly return of at least 7 percent and the raised amount is expected to increase to more than 20 billion sooner or later. Taurus Investment & Securities released a hedge fund dubbed Taurus Government Bond Master Alpha Investment Trust 1 on Sept. 1 and has raised 11.3 billion won since then. The company is planning to increase the amount to 100 billion won in the near future and to one trillion won in the first half of next year. Its target rate of return is 2.75 percent a year.The three funds mentioned above are the first ones of their kind since the South Korean financial authorities allowed securities companies to engage in professional private collective investment in August this year. Thanks to their good start, they are working on more of the same type of hedge funds. For example, Korea Asset Investment Securities is going to release a high-yield real estate fund and a mezzanine fund within this year.Still, the others in the industry are exercising caution. Earlier, more than 10 securities firms were expected to release hedge funds. According to the Financial Supervisory Service, however, no local securities company has applied for the professional private collective investment license. “The rates of return of the hedge funds released by the securities firms have yet to be confirmed, and it is not easy to find highly reliable managers with sufficient track records,” said an industry source.News›Money
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India Markets Regulator Tightens Norms For Private Equity Deals In Listed Firms

Sebi has also allowed foreign portfolio investors (FPIs) to trade directly in corporate bonds and eased norms for investment vehicles such as Infrastructure Investment Trusts (InvITs) and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). The post India markets regulator tightens norms for private equity deals in listed firms appeared first on DealStreetAsia.
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Peter Thiel-, George Soros-Backed TruMid Hits $1B Trading Volume

The electronic trading platform for corporate bonds has now traded over $1 billion since its revamp just over a month ago. The firm passed the milestone on Tuesday August 9.
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AP Pension ramps up high-yield investments, appoints Babson

Federal civil servants at two government ministries are searching for a workable policy to promote occupational pensions...
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Dallas Pension Fund Leader's Goal: Diversity That Delivers

Cheryl Alston is executive director of the Employees' Retirement Fund of the city of Dallas, which has set a goal of giving 10 percent of its portfolio to small, diverse investment management compani...
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The Intriguing Math That Turns Manhattan Properties Into Shekels

Strawberry Fields, a real estate investment trust whose facilities cater to Alzheimer’s sufferers in the Midwest, is the latest of at least 14 U.S. property companies that have borrowed a combined 8.1 billion shekels ($2.07 billion) in the Israeli market since 2008, securing interest rates they could only dream of at home.
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Hackney's Pension Committee Approves Measures To Tackle Climate Change Risks

Hackney Council’s pension fund committee has agreed to endorse a series of recommendations on dealing with fossil fuel and climate change issues after facing mounting pressure from a campaign group.
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Distressed Fund Sancta Readies For U.A.E. Deals After Oil Slump

<span style="line-height: 18.9091px;">Distressed investment opportunities in the United Arab Emirates and the Persian Gulf will rise this year as stock markets and companies in the region buckle under the pressure of oil trading at around $30 a barrel, according to Sancta Capital Group.</span>
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