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Coastal Power Plants Scale Up Coal Imports, As Freight, Other Imposts Jack Up Local Fuel Prices - The Financial Express

Coastal power plants in the southern and western India, being away from the Coal India (CIL) pit heads, are finding imported coal, especially shipments from Indonesia, far cheaper than domestic coal as high rail freight and assorted levies inflate the prices of the local variety.
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Democrats Wage War On Natural Gas And Oil: Will Prices Skyrocket?

If the Democrats win, you'll be in for a shockIng rise in electricity and gasoline prices. : This segment of What's Ahead explains why your wallet will be burned by higher gasoline and electricity prices if the Democrats win the White House and the Senate. The U.S. enjoys low energy prices because of an abundance of natural gas and the surge in production of oil. Democrats loathe these fuels and will attack them with an avalanche of smothering regulations and lawsuits, just as they did with the coal industry during the Obama/Biden regime.
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Wa Could Miss The Chance To Capitalise On Renewable Energy Boom

Even in the absence of a clear energy policy, renewable energy solutions are winning the race against coal and gas in WA.
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World Energy Outlook: Iea Forecasts Boom For Solar In Wake Of Covid-19

Even if nations do not bolster their climate targets, renewables will meet 80% of the global growth in electricity demand by 2030, with solar leading the way, according to the International Energy Agency's (IEA) new World Energy Outlook.
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Chevron's Purchase Could Unlock Israel's Natural Gas Bonanza - The New York Times

The oil giant's takeover of Noble Energy gives it a foothold in an emerging energy hot spot: the eastern Mediterranean Sea.
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A Bullish Outlook For Commodities

By Jeremy Schwartz, CFA, Executive Vice President, Global Head of Research, WisdomTree Last week, we had the pleasure of hosting Ed Morse, head of commodities research at Citi, on our Behind the Markets podcast to discuss his outlook for commodities. Most commodities today have seen a lack of investment in new exploration, particularly across metals. [...] The post A Bullish Outlook for Commodities appeared first on ETF Trends.
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Swedish Mall To Become Virtual Power Plant | National Real Estate Investor

Vala, which houses more than 200 shops, is already equipped with solar panels, a reserve generator and back-up batteries. : (Bloomberg)--One of Sweden's biggest shopping malls could become a key player in the energy market in northern Europe. Vala, which houses more than 200 shops and dates back four decades, is poised to along with other big electricity consumers to become increasingly important in providing grid stability at a time when the share of intermittent renewable power is rising. By reducing or increasing consumption in short bursts, the facilities will be vital in keeping the network balanced in the future.
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Big Steelmakers See Demand Revival From Auto, Infra Sectors; High Iron Ore Prices Stifle Small Producers

Domestic demand is largely driven by auto and white goods sectors, besides marginal uptick in government infrastructure projects. : Domestic demand is largely driven by auto and white goods sectors, besides marginal uptick in government infrastructure projects The big steelmakers in the country are back on track with increasing domestic demand and steel shortage in overseas markets. The demand has driven the domestic prices high as hot-rolled coil (HRC) steel price went up 15 per cent in the last two months, while the price of long products jumped 11 per cent.
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China Is On A Building Binge, And Metal Prices Are Surging - The New York Times

Iron ore, nickel, copper and other metal prices are rising as China restarts construction after emerging from the worst of the pandemic, and the global economy could benefit.
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Us Oil Exports Are Higher Than Imports, America Is Energy Independent

America is now exporting more energy than it imports, due to a massive shift in oil production that took place over just under two decades.
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