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Cp Rail Ceo Sees Boom-time Oil Loads As Pipe Pinch Roils Canada | Rigzone

Boom times are back for at least one company in Canada's oil heartland. : Canadian Pacific Railway Ltd. may match or exceed its record 2014 pace of 110,000 crude carloads next year as a pipeline crunch stokes demand for shipping by train, Chief Executive Officer Keith Creel said late Thursday in an interview from Calgary, where the company is based. "The demand is there," Creel said. "Maybe a 100,000 run rate goes to 110 or 120.
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Us Energy Exports To China Plummet As Trump Trade War Bites

It's probably not the kind of success US President Donald Trump had in mind, but his trade dispute with China has effectively killed off the burgeoning energy trade between the world's two biggest economies.China's imports of US crude oil, liquefied natural gas (LNG) and coal have slowed to a trickle amid the escalating tit-for-tat tariff [...]
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Oil Prices Under Pressure As U.s. Shale Supply Soars

The big story in oil markets this week has been the escalating tension between the United States...: Tom majored in International Business at Amsterdam's Higher School of Economics, he is now working as news editor for The big story in oil markets this week has been the escalating tension between the United States and Saudi Arabia, with many analysts suggesting that crude prices could head even higher if the fued reaches a boiling point. - U.S. nuclear plant outages were relatively low throughout the summer, but spiked last month.
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Lower Grade Iron Ore Prices Are Rallying

Iron ore spot and futures markets traded mixed on Tuesday, continuing to consolidate upon recent gains. The World Steel Association released its latest forecasts for global steel demand, predicting it will lift by 1.4% in 2019 after an expected 3.9% gain this year. More >>
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Scottish Power Shifts To 100% Wind Generation After PS700M Drax Sale

Scottish Power has ditched fossil fuels for electricity generation and switched to 100% wind power, by selling off its last remaining gas power stations to Drax for more than PS700m.
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Rise In Diesel Prices Shifts Load To Coal-based Power Plants - The Financial Express

Rise in diesel prices is driving power plants running on this fuel to lower their electricity generation levels. : Rise in diesel prices is driving power plants running on this fuel to lower their electricity generation levels. Electricity production from the 837 MW of diesel-run power plants have fallen by 37% y-o-y to less than 80 million units (MUs) in April-September. In September, when the pinch of rise in the diesel cost was felt the most in the aforementioned monitored period, electricity generation was halved to 10.6 MUs.
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Oil Production Is Up But The Iea Predicts Higher Energy Prices

Sanctions, strong dollar, trade instability threaten to raise global energy prices. : Energy prices may soon rise, but not for anything to do with Peak Oil--the theory that production will soon reach a peak and begin to fall--the International Energy Agency (IEA) predicts in its Oil Market Report released Friday. Overall supply has actually grown to record highs of over 100 million barrels a day thanks to a mix of factors such as the American shale boom and more production in Libya and Nigeria.
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Iea Report: Expensive Energy Is Back And It's Threatening The Economy

The International Energy Agency (IEA) is concerned about a dramatic upswing in energy prices, according to its latest monthly report, with oil, gas and coal prices currently trading at multi-year highs.
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Thermal Power Plant Utilization Levels Perk Up But Fuel Challenges Crimp Earnings Outlook

The rise in prices in both e-auctions and international markets is expected to weigh on the earnings of companies that have imported coal-based plants.
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Indonesia Wants To Export More Coal, Buyers Ignore The Call

Indonesia#39;s coal exports dropped to 24.8 million tonnes in September, down 12.4 percent from August#39;s 28.3 million tonnes and 10 percent from 27.6 million tonnes in the same month last year, according to vessel-tracking and port data compiled by Refinitiv.
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