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U.S. Startups Raised $130B In Record-Smashing 2020

Just weeks into the pandemic, we reported that venture capitalists were still doing deals, even though their offices were closed and their flights were canceled. But we didn't quite foresee the WFH gusto.
Read by 32% of LPs March 31, 2020

Zeus Living Aids Displaced Students And Healthcare Workers

Zeus, a company that offers temporary housing on a monthly basis, is using its platform to help students and healthcare workers in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. With over 2,400 apartments on its platform, the company has started offering $1,000 off the first month's rent to both students near closed campuses and to healthcare workers.
Read by 42% of LPs March 24, 2020

Why Venture Capital Might Avoid "Fund Size Cuts" During Coronavirus Crisis

We're living through the third financial crisis of the modern venture capital era, following the dotcom crash and the housing bust. There wasn't a widespread push for "fund size cuts" in 2008, save for a few efforts tied to funds that had closed just before Lehman went under.
Read by 69% of LPs July 26, 2017

Activist Sandell Urges Barnes & Noble Board To Explore A Sale

Sandell Asset Management Corp., the sometimes-activist hedge fund, is urging Barnes & Noble Inc. to explore a sale amid a hostile environment for retailers. The New York-based hedge fund said it has built a “meaningful position” in Barnes & Noble, in a letter to the bookseller’s board on Tuesday. Sandell said the company should explore a sale, which could fetch more than $12 a share, or a 69 percent premium over where shares closed on Monday. “Stakeholders would be better served if Barnes & Noble were operated as a private company or as a division within a larger company, which...
Read by 58% of LPs July 25, 2017

A Template For A Closed Multi-Family Office

An interesting family investment concept is the closed multi-family office. A closed MFO is a family office that works with a few families but is not actively looking to increase the number it works with. Effectively, it is a way of institutionalising a co-investing arrangement between like-minded investors.
Read by 55% of LPs July 20, 2017

Novacap Wraps Up Fifth Fund At $840M

Canadian private equity firm Novacap has closed its fifth fund at a hard cap of $840 million. The limited partners of NOVACAP TMT V include public and corporate pension funds, insurance companies, endowments, foundations, family offices and individual investors in Canada, the U.S., Europe and Australia. The fund will focus on a wide number of tech sectors that include software, internet infrastructure and e-commerce and make individual investments ranging from $20 million to $100 million.
Read by 40% of LPs July 13, 2017

HarbourVest Wraps Up Fourth Co-investment Fund At $1.75B

HarbourVest Partners has closed its fourth oversubscribed co-investment fund at a hard cap of $1.75 billion, beating its original $1 billion target. The limited partners of HarborVest Partners Co-Investment IV include private and public pensions, corporations, foundations and family offices from all over the world. 
Read by 54% of LPs July 13, 2017

Brentwood Fund VI Raises $1.15B

Brentwood Associates said July 12 that its latest fund closed with $1.15 billion, exceeding its $750 million hard cap and target. Fund VI will make control investments in companies with enterprise values between […]
Read by 37% of LPs July 10, 2017

Markets No Longer Make Sense To Macro Managers

After spending three decades focusing on things like economic trends, currency moves, politics and policy, Spindel has been confounded by markets shaped by low volatility, algorithms and more. He finally gave up and closed his nine-year-old hedge fund. “I felt the intensity of following markets at a time of increasing political and economic confusion very hard,” said Spindel, founder of Potomac River Capital in Washington. “My entire career had centered on an understanding of monetary politics and I had trouble getting my head around it all. It was exhausting.” These are troubled -- and troubling -- times for macro managers,...
Read by 58% of LPs July 09, 2017

Black Swan Dexteritas

At Black Swan Dexteritas, we are dedicated to generating strong financial performance for our investors and fostering long-term relationships with our clients to create exceptional investment opportu...
Read by 31% of LPs