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Russia's $4B Bond Sale Defies UK Spat As Bids Roll In

A deepening diplomatic spat with the West and a fresh round of penalties weren't enough to deter investors from bidding for almost double the $4 billion of euro bonds sold by Russia. Institutional investors from the UK snapped up half the 2047 notes on offer, while Russians were the biggest buyers of a new 11-year bond.
Read by 35% of LPs February 26, 2018

Japanese Companies Are Rushing To Sell Longer Dated Bonds

Japanese companies are selling super-long bonds amid expectations that Haruhiko Kuroda’s reappointment as central bank governor will prolong easy monetary policy, even as increases in overseas yields put pressure on Japanese market rates to rise.
Read by 66% of LPs February 24, 2018

'Terrible Mistake' For Long-Term Investors To Be In Bonds, Says Buffett

Warren Buffett prodded ordinary investors to stay invested in U.S. stocks, ignoring price swings, guidance from people with fancy credentials and the temptation to load up on bonds.
Read by 50% of LPs February 01, 2018

Bond Fund Manager Who Called Dollar's Slide Says 'It's Not Too Late To Move Out Of US Bonds'

In March of last year, Jack McIntyre, a portfolio manager with BrandywineGlobal, said the dollar was "starting to roll over" and suggested investors move their money into emerging-market sovereign bonds.
Read by 54% of LPs January 31, 2018

China's $11T Bond Market Is Winning Foreign Investors

China’s efforts to open up its domestic bond market, the world’s third largest, are starting to pay off, by pulling in foreign investors drawn to relatively high yields in a newly stable currency. It’s a crucial step to balancing pressures on capital flows in and out of China.
Read by 31% of LPs January 24, 2018

Bonds Face Biggest Bear Market In Almost 40 Years, Says Dalio

Ray Dalio, billionaire hedge fund manager, said that the bond market has slipped into a bear phase and warned that a rise in yields could spark the biggest crisis for fixed-income investors in almost 40 years.
Read by 75% of LPs December 27, 2017

Emerging Markets' Dream Run Could See Reality Check In 2018

<p>Bulls will retain the upper hand in emerging markets next year, though some assets may face a bumpier ride than in 2017. Bonds and equities in developing countries will continue to streak ahead, outpacing their developed-nation peers into next year, according to a Bloomberg survey of 20 investors, traders and strategists.</p>
Read by 61% of LPs November 29, 2017

Stocks Are At Highest Valuations Since 1900, Goldman Warns

A prolonged bull market across stocks, bonds and credit has left a measure of average valuation at the highest since 1900, a condition that at some point is going to translate into pain for investors, according to Goldman Sachs Group Inc.
Read by 68% of LPs August 24, 2017

Politics Matters Less and Less, Danish Pension Fund Giant Says

Denmark's largest private pension fund isn't that interested in politics anymore. Allan Polack, chief executive officer of PFA, argues that lawmakers and political leaders are out of touch and that globalization has made their decisions less relevant to the business community.
Read by 75% of LPs August 17, 2017

State Bans Future Investments In Venezuela's Maduro Regime

Gov. Rick Scott easily won approval Wednesday for a proposal to bar the state's $150B pension plan from making future investments that directly support the regime of President Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela.
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