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Bitcoin Smashes Through $51,000 To Hit New All-Time High

The red-hot cryptocurrency hit a fresh record price of $51,715. Bitcoin has gone from a protest against the banking system to something of a "digital gold" that is beginning to catch on with mainstream investors.
Read by 37% of LPs January 13, 2021

More Institutional Investment Would Calm Bitcoin Volatility

An executive at multinational investment bank Goldman Sachs believes an increase in participation from institutional investors is “key” to stabilizing nascent markets such as cryptocurrencies.
Read by 55% of LPs December 26, 2020

Bitcoin Rally Attracts Wave Of Private Investment

Away from the exchanges and OTC desks setting the price of BTC, private and institutional investor interest is growing at pace. Evidence of this can be seen in the growth of crypto venture capital funds, which have raised billions of dollars in 2020.
Read by 65% of LPs December 18, 2020

2020: The Year Bitcoin Went Institutional

Institutional investment in bitcoin was hampered by strict investment mandates and regulatory compliance. Now that bitcoin has been formally recognized by many regulators, this issue is far less of an obstacle than it used to be.
Read by 77% of LPs December 10, 2020

Bitcoin's Intrinsic Value Will Rise As Institutional Investors Flock To Crypto

"The adoption of bitcoin by institutional investors has only begun, while for gold its adoption by institutional investors is very advanced," JPMorgan said. As conditions normalize, a pickup in mining activity will likely see an increase in the intrinsic value.
Read by 33% of LPs February 14, 2020

Deriving A Venture Capital Strategy In Crypto: The LP's Perspective

Venture capitalists, who look beyond the swings of the price of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, appreciate this and are positioning themselves to make investments in the space that will deliver outsized returns for themselves and their limited partners.
Read by 73% of LPs October 02, 2019

Bitcoin Mayhem Results In Mixed Messages

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency market chaos this week has caused panic among investors who have been nervously waiting for a sudden move for months. As bitcoin technical data looks bleak and bitcoin bulls advise traders to "buy bitcoin at every chance" they get, the market looks as confused as ever.
Read by 39% of LPs September 23, 2019

Google Achieves 'Quantum Supremacy,' Is Bitcoin Threatened?

Quantum supremacy is what Google quietly announced they have accomplished last week. But what does this have to do with Bitcoin (BTC), cryptocurrencies, and blockchain technologies?
Read by 30% of LPs August 20, 2019

Ripple's XRP Branded A 'Scam' By Bitcoin Analyst As Lawsuit Row Intensifies

Ripple's XRP has not strayed far from controversy recently, with the company currently embroiled in a row that's seen disgruntled investors accuse it of selling unregistered securities.
Read by 77% of LPs August 02, 2019

Bitcoin Has 'No Intrinsic Value,' As UK Moves Towards Crypto Ban

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency regulation has been pushed into the limelight over recent weeks, thanks to social media giant Facebook's high profile plans to launch its own potential rival to bitcoin sometime next year.
Read by 74% of LPs