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Why Private Alternatives Are The Future Of Asset Allocation

For the past two decades, there has been a fundamental shift in prudent capital investment philosophies. Investors have been told for years that diversification enhances portfolio stability, but diversification itself has taken on a new meaning.
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March 05, 2020

Public Pensions Are 'Missing The Boat' In Private Markets | Mansco Perry, Executive Director & CIO, Minnesota State Board of Investment | Q&A

Mansco Perry, III is the executive director and chief investment officer of the Minnesota State Board of Investment. In this interview, he discussed how being a lawyer is a good foundation as an investor; how the organization deals with retaining investment talent; and why larger plans and investor peers are missing the boat when it comes to private markets.
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December 30, 2019

New Mexico Educational Retirement Board Focusing On Diversifying Assets | Bob Jacksha, Chief Investment Officer | Q&A

Bob Jacksha has been chief investment officer for the New Mexico Educational Retirement Board since 2007. In this interview, he tells us about New Mexico ERB's investment division and strategic asset allocation strategy; how they are building a more diversified portfolio that could compound well; and how they intend to play the upside during a market downturn.
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Trusted Insight Summit 2019 Highlights

The Trusted Insight Summit 2019 was the preeminent gathering of 300+ chief investment officers, senior-level institutional investors, contrarian thinkers, and leading entrepreneurs. This highlight video recaps the flagship event that covered the latest innovation in tech and future of global asset management. It was hosted on June 19-20th, 2019 in San Francisco, CA.
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July 31, 2018

Aflac's Global CIO Talks Asset Allocation Strategy, More | Q&A With Eric Kirsch, Part 2

Eric Kirsch is the executive vice president and global chief investment officer at Aflac, where he oversees the $100 billion-plus investment portfolio and investment teams based in New York and Tokyo. In part two of this interview, he discusses what it's like leading Aflac's Global Investments team through very challenging periods, Aflac's asset allocation strategy and the three main trends that he foresees in the investment environment.
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IPC Media Pension Scheme Appoints BlackRock As Fiduciary Manager

The IPC Media Pension Scheme has appointed BlackRock as its fiduciary manager to look after assets of around ÂL600m
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Most Of Global Assets Are Allocated To Equity Funds

Most assets in the world are allocated to equity funds Bonds and other asset classes together have a similar allocation at around US$9tn The money market has the smallest asset allocation Asset Management Fees Fall For The First Time Since [âS]
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Merrill's Latest Fund Manager Survey Is Flashing A Warning On These Crowded Trades

Investors are ignoring their own warnings The monthly Global Fund Manager Survey by Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BAML) is one of the most authoritative surveys in financial markets. In canvassing the views of 200 or so institutional, mutual and hedge fund managers around the world with some US$600 billion of assets under management, the report provides an overview of investor sentiment and sheds light on the key factors influencing the asset allocation decisions of money managers.
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A Family Business Helping Those With Substantial Wealth

It was the sale of his company that led Kenneth Akeson to set up a business designed to help individuals and families of substantial wealth to manage their lives better when it came to things like bill paying and administration.
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CIOs' Tactical (Or Not) Preparation For President Trump | CIO Panel Part I

The election of Donald Trump to presidency was a significant political event in 2016 that profoundly shaped the expectations and strategies of institutional investors. In part one of the &ldquo;Trumponomics 101&rdquo; panel at Trusted Insight&rsquo;s Alpha Conference, chief investment officers from university endowments, health care systems and corporations revisited the asset allocation decisions they made before and after the election and the thinking behind it.<br /> <br /> Panelists include Chris Li, CIO of Lockheed Martin; David Holmgren, CIO of Hartford HealthCare; Stuart Mason, CIO of the University of Minnesota, and Sam Gallo, CIO of the University System of Maryland Foundation. The panel was taped during Trusted Insight Alpha Conference on Jun. 14, 2017 in San Francisco.
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