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Climate Tech in Asia Shows Promise for VCs After Trailing U.S.

Asia, home to two-thirds of the world’s people, offers growth potential for venture capital investors in climate technology after lagging behind the U.S. and Europe.
Read by 76% of LPs September 10, 2021

Southeast Asia Startups Wary Amid IPO Frenzy

Appetite for Southeast Asia’s start-ups is growing as investors seek to take advantage of the region’s vast potential and hunt for the next blockbuster IPO. But that hunger could remain unsated for some time.
Read by 76% of LPs March 24, 2021

Global Hedge Fund Investors With $812B Prefer Asia

Hedge funds focused on Asia are predicting a surge of new money from North America and Europe as investors move away from overvalued U.S. assets to tap the early pandemic recovery in China and other parts of the region.
Read by 55% of LPs January 22, 2021

How VCs Invested In Asia And Europe In 2020

After digging into the U.S. venture capital results from last year with an extra eye on fintech and unicorn investing, one trend was clear: venture capital is getting later and larger (as expected).
Read by 49% of LPs January 14, 2021

KKR To Invest $1.7B In Asia's Data Centers, Warehouses

U.S. private equity firm KKR sees a treasure-trove of investment opportunities in a "transformed" Asia-Pacific real estate sector, as consumers increase e-commerce shopping and work from home amid the pandemic.
Read by 65% of LPs December 16, 2020

European Private Equity Rebounds Slower Than U.S., Asia

Asian and North American private equity funds suffered heavier losses during the first quarter of this year than their European peers but bounced back in the second quarter whilst Europe continued to struggle.
Read by 37% of LPs November 04, 2020

Asia Institutional Investors Increase Real Asset Exposure

Asian insurers and pension funds are forecast to grow their exposure to real assets in 2021, with a particular focus on healthcare, social housing, and sustainable transport.
Read by 52% of LPs October 21, 2020

As Startups Accelerate In Record Q3, Europe And Asia Rack Up Huge VC Results

The two continents enjoyed more venture capital investment into their local startups than in some time, underscoring that strong VC results the U.S. saw in the third quarter were not a fluke, but part of a broader trend.
Read by 52% of LPs April 07, 2020

Asian Startups Face Cash Crunch As Coronavirus Saps Funding

Saving cash has become the new mantra for startups in Asia as capital quickly dries up in the region. Funds raised by Asia-focused venture capital firms fell to a seven-year low of $2.2 billion in the first quarter.
Read by 67% of LPs November 29, 2019

Venture Trends And The Lure Of Southeast Asia

Trade tensions, Chinese debt reduction and other factors have led to a 90 percent drop in Chinese investment into the U.S. over the last couple of years. Despite this decline, venture capital in the U.S. continues to be popular, with U.S.-based VC firms raising over $28 billion in the first half of 2019.
Read by 38% of LPs