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Asia's Vibrant Tech Sector Attracting Seasoned Equity Bankers

They're leaving the ECM space at a time when fast-growing startups are staying private longer and longer. Here's why.
Read by 49% of LPs February 06, 2019

Investment In Hong Kong Real Estate Fell 27%

At the start of 2018, most metrics showed Hong Kong's real estate market on track for a record showing. Instead, investment dipped 27 percent by end of the year.
Read by 39% of LPs January 28, 2019

Asia's Billionaire Families Start To Make Way For Women Successors

In China, where fortunes were created more recently, control is only now starting to be handed to the second generation, many of them women.
Read by 57% of LPs December 25, 2018

Silicon Valley Faces Four Challengers, All In China

For decades the U.S. was the world's startup leader, spawning a generation of companies, especially in technology, that went on to become world leaders. Silicon Valley is looking over its shoulder at China, and for good reason: 16,000 companies are born there every day.
Read by 64% of LPs

November 13, 2018

The Family Office Bullish On Asia, Its 'Wave Of Investment Opportunities' | Sasha Bernier, SVP, Cheltenham Investments | Q&A

Sasha Bernier is the senior vice president and investment committee member of Cheltenham Investments, a single-family office seeking to invest opportunistically in real estate. In this interview, he discusses why he thinks blockchain will have a major impact on real estate investing; why he encourages investors to study Asia and its tidal wave of investment opportunities; and how his academic background in law informs his approach to the markets.
Read by 36% of LPs November 04, 2018

Why Southeast Asia Appeals To PE Firms, Venture Funds

Private equity investors are taking a fresh look at Southeast Asia as the US-China trade war threatens to shake up the global supply chain. Valuations of companies have been rising this year as investors anticipate that manufacturers may shift parts of their production out of China.
Read by 51% of LPs August 25, 2018

Goldman To Shut Down Two Hedge Funds Run Out Of Asia

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. is shutting two hedge funds run by senior executives based in Asia. The funds, which together manage about $1.4 billion in assets, were run by these Goldman Sachs partners.
Read by 45% of LPs August 23, 2018

Venture Funding In Asia Surpasses North America

Larry Haverty, the managing director of LJH Investment Advisors, and CNBC's Michael Santoli talk investing in China after Goldman Sachs reports that venture capital funding in Asia surpassed North America for the second consecutive quarter.
Read by 37% of LPs April 18, 2018

Cohen Heads East To 'Swing Big' With Point72 Ventures

Hedge fund manager Steven Cohen is bringing his passion for tech startups to Asia, along with his checkbook. Point72 Ventures is starting to evaluate prospects on the continent after putting millions of dollars into startups in the Americas and Europe.
Read by 46% of LPs January 07, 2018

Asia Stock Bulls Have Another Reason To Stay Positive

Asian equities may be at record highs but analysts see earnings season, which gets under way this week, providing a further boost.
Read by 68% of LPs