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Carlson Capital's Black Diamond Arbitrage Still Leads The Way - Valuewalk Premium

After two solid months, March was a bit of a hiccup for at least one hedge fund. All but one of Carlson Capital's hedge funds was down for the month of March, although the declines were small enough that the funds still ended the first quarter in the green for the quarter. Carlson's strategies generally have a history of pretty solid performance, although fund management called 2018 a "frustrating" year due to losing or lackluster performance . . . Michelle Jones was a television news producer for eight years.
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Carlson's Black Diamond Arbitrage Doubles Peer Group Return After Strong Q4 - Valuewalk Premium

As ValueWalk first covered a week ago, a year after the firm reported some of the worst losses in its history, Carlson Capital rebounded in 2018. The group's flagship hedge fund strategy, the Double Black Diamond fund, returned 2.6% net of all . . . Sign up now and get our in-depth FREE e-books on famous investors like Klarman, Dalio, Schloss, Munger Rupert is a committed value investor and regularly writes and invests following the principles set out by Benjamin Graham.
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Devere Group Targets Arbitrage With New Crypto Fund

U.K.-based financial advisory firm deVere Group has launched an actively managed fund offering investors exposure to cryptocurrencies. : U.K.-based financial advisory firm deVere Group, which says it has over $10 billion under advice and management, has launched an actively managed cryptocurrency fund. Announced in a press release Thursday, the new investment offering, called deVere Digital Asset Funds, is being launched in partnership with Dubai-based hedge fund manager Dalma Capital Management. The fund will provide investors with a diversified exposure to digital currencies, but aims to reduce the volatility "for which the market is known," deVere states.
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Carmot Capital - Best Statistical Arbitrage Hedge Fund | Hedgeweek

Carmot Capital designed an investment strategy that delivers top returns during times of market stress. Founded by George Sokoloff, PhD, CFA and Gerd Infanger, PhD in Silicon Valley in 2013, Carmot applies its experience and artificial intelligence models to manage a market neutral statistical arbitrage fund that profits from surprisingly predictable chaos.
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Macro Managers Are Scratching Their Heads, Says Lyxor

Hedge funds were overall flat this week, emphasising their appealing profile in the current environment, according to the latest weekly brief from Lyxor's Cross Asset Research team.
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Alt Data Enables Crypto Arbitrage

Swiss hedge fund Cryptonomics Capital has spent the past 15 months backtesting its data-driven cryptocurrency trading strategy, which it has seasoned with a healthy dose of alternative data. "The cryptocurrency market is still new enough so that you can apply methodologies and topics that do not work in the traditional financial markets since you'll need much lower latency and much more power," Tom Debus, a founder and managing partner at Cryptonomics, told Markets Media. Although the global crypto market remains highly unregulated, the fund follows the standard regulatory policies of Switzerland and Lichtenstein, according to Debus.
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How To Invest Like A Hedge Fund

Hedge funds earn big returns for investors. Find out how they do it and whether you can, too. : Ever wonder how hedge fund managers think and how they are sometimes able to generate explosive returns for their investors? You aren't alone. For years, hedge funds have retained a certain level of mystery about them and the way they operate; and for years, public companies and retail investors have tried to figure out the methods behind their (sometimes) apparent madness. It's impossible to uncover and understand each and every hedge fund's strategy--after all, there are literally thousands of them out there.
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The Alibaba Arbitrage That Hedge Funds Pray For

Dual listings by tech giants present a windfall opportunity for certain stock exchanges and international hedge funds. Chinese technology companies traded in the U.S. could have secondary listings on the Hong Kong stock exchange as early as the second half of this year, according to trading experts. Dual listings by the Alibaba Group, Baidu, and others present a windfall opportunity for the Hong Kong Exchange and Clearing Co. (HKEX) as well as hedge funds, which could arbitrage valuation differences between the U.S. and Hong Kong markets.
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Firm Eyes $13m For Crypto Arbitrage Fund, Companies & Markets News & Top Stories - The Straits Times

January 20, 2018 5:00 AMAs bitcoin continues its wild ride, a Singapore hedge fund unit is raising US$10 million (S$13.2 million) for a cryptocurrency arbitrage fund to trade off price movements.
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Hage On Absolute Convertible Arbitrage Fund Arbix

As an Absolute Advisers sub-adviser, Mohican's strategy, which in the past was restricted to hedge fund investors, is available in a mutual fund.
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