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Hopin: Buzzy Tech Startup Raises $6.5M From Accel And Northzone

London-based Hopin, an all-in-one online events platform, has raised $6.5 million in seed funding from Accel, Northzone, Seedcamp, and a number of angel investors. The company, founded last year, drew frenzied interest from investors keen to be a part of the buzzy startup which offers to host any type of live event such as conferences and company events. "Hopin was built out of the idea of connecting people and tries to solve a clear problem," Johnny Boufarhat, Hopin's CEO and founder told Business Insider. "We think we will be the fastest growing startup in the world."
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Blume Ventures Announces Final Close Of Fund Iii At $102 Mn

Early-stage venture capital firm Blume Ventures has announced the final close of its Fund III at $102 Mn. The fund...
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VCs Rather Take Their Chances Than See Tech Regulated

The U.S. Department of Justice wanted to hear from VCs whether they believe there's still an opportunity for startups to flourish alongside the likes of Facebook and Google and whether they can anticipate what might disrupt the inexorable growth of these giants.
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Ex-yc Partner Daniel Gross Rethinks The Accelerator - Techcrunch

Amid skyrocketing operating expenses, remote work has become an obsession for Bay Area founders looking to have it both ways, accessing Silicon Valley's networks of capital and opportunity without paying steep premiums for talent. Daniel Gross has a deeper understanding than most of Silicon Valley's opportunities. The Jerusalem native was one of Y Combinator's early [...]
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Y Combinator Startup Humanly Helps Companies Screen Job Candidates At Scale, With The Help Of Ai - Geekwire

Automation may be a means to replacing humans in specific types of jobs. But for Humanly, automation is a better way to help companies find the right people to fill roles. The Seattle startup is gaining traction with its artificial intelligence-powered platform that screens job candidates, schedules interviews, and runs reference checks. Companies including Farmers Insurance and fellow Seattle startup Armoire are using the software, which aims to reduce the time it takes to find talent and provide a better experience for potential new employees.
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19 'solo General Partners' In Vc Who Every Founder Should Know

We identified 19 solo general partners who are shaking up venture capital. For this list, we defined a solo general partner as a fund manager who takes outside capital and is the only general partner at their investment firm. Click here for more BI Prime stories. A new generation of tech investors are sticking to writing small checks even as $100 million rounds became the norm. The flush of capital in the private markets has given rise to the solo general partner, a individual who invests in startups using not just their own personal savings, but with capital from outside investors.
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Rise Of The Solo General Parter In Venture Capital

A new generation of tech investors are raising their own venture capital funds as solo general partners. The number of micro-funds is actually on the decline, but the solo general partner's ranks are expected to grow as more companies go public and capital becomes more available.
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Microsatellite Startup Astranis Raises $90M To Power Next Generation Of Internet Connectivity

SAN FRANCISCO, February 13, 2020-- Astranis, the company building the next generation of telecommunication satellites, today announced a $90 million financing round to launch its first commercial satellite and build the foundation for the internet infrastructure of the future. The round was led by Venrock, with significant participation from existing investor Andreessen Horowitz. Astranis aims to solve a problem in the modern space race that hasn't been cracked: bringing the next four billion people online with low-cost, reliable internet.
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205. Unicorn Vs Pegasus, The Softbank Effect, & Impacts Of A Recession On Vc (jason Calacanis) | The Full Ratchet

Jason Calacanis joins Nick to discuss Unicorn vs Pegasus, The Softbank Effect, & Impacts of a Recession on VC. In this episode, we cover: Looking forward to this one, the TFR with Mark Suster was a master class. @TheFullRatchet Love the comment from [?]@lpolovets[?] on this [?]@TheFullRatchet[?] episode regarding founders talking to investors about things they're *not* good at. It can be hard to talk about our weaknesses but so important to have a plan to complement them. @Claire @msuster @TheFullRatchet @TheFullRatchet podcast is probably the best VC investing education you can get out there.
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The Twenty Minute Vc: Venture Capital | Startup Funding | The Pitch: 20vc: Lessons From 150 Angel Investments Into The Likes Of Carta, Gusto, Airtable And Superhuman, Creating Algorithms And Models For Investing At Seed & Why Younger Investors Have An Advantage When It Comes To Finding Deals Early With Jude Gomila, Angel I

Jude Gomila is the Founder & CEO @ Golden, creating the world's first self-constructing knowledge database built by artificial and human intelligence. To date, Jude has raised from some of the best in the business including Founders Fund, a16z, SV Angel and one of my dearest friends, Josh Buckley. Jude is also a prolific angel having invested in over 150 companies including Carta, Airtable, Superhuman, Gusto, Linear and many more incredible companies. Prior to Golden, Jude started Heyzap (now used by 100,000 mobile apps) alongside former guest Immad, now Founder of Mercury. In Today's Episode You Will Learn: 1.)
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