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Tgs Brings Prediktor Under Its Ownership

TGS has acquired an asset management and real-time data management solutions provider Prediktor. : TGS ASA, a global provider of energy data and intelligence, has acquired Prediktor, a provider of asset management and real-time data management solutions to renewable and energy asset owners. Established in 1995, the company has carried out thousands of installations on mission-critical industrial and energy assets on all seven continents, enabling data-driven automated operations solutions and optimization of asset portfolios. Based in Fredrikstad, Norway, with 40 employees, Prediktor counts some of the world's leading renewable energy producers among its clients.
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Global Oil And Gas Prices Have Been Highly Volatile - What Will Happen Next? | Kenneth Rogoff

Supply and demand shocks seem likely to keep prices up despite fears of recession in US and EuropeOver the past two and a half years, world oil and gas prices have been subject to demand shocks and supply shocks - and sometimes both simultaneously. The resulting volatility in energy markets is a reflection and a microcosm of a careening global economy.The price of Brent crude oil declined from a "normal" $68 a barrel at the end of 2019 to $14 a barrel in April 2020 as the Covid-19 pandemic spread worldwide.
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Nt Utilities Commission Warns Of Future Blackout Risk, Calls For Urgent Energy Grid Investment - Abc News

The NT power sector watchdog has warned of serious hurdles as an ageing power system transitions to a solar-powered, renewable future. So, are more power outages ahead?
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Purchase Bolsters Ube's Clean Energy Drive

Ubon Bio Ethanol Plc (UBE), a manufacturer of cassava-based products, has bought a floating solar farm in Ubon Ratchathani from Bay Wa RE Solar Pte for 82.4 million baht in a move to grow its clean energy business.
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Wind And Solar Provided A Record 10% Of The World's Power Generation In 2021

Per the newly-released BP Statistical Review, fossil fuels still provide the lion's share of global energy demand, but renewables continue to grow at double-digit rates.
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Energy Crisis: Households To Pay $1.5B In Compensation To Power Plants

The cost of avoiding blackouts in last month's energy market chaos will be spread across all households and businesses, but those who can least afford it will likely pay more.
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Rising Energy Prices Creates 'more Potential' For Clean Energy

The continued energy disruption from the Russian invasion of Ukraine raising prices has benefited clean energy, as nations look to replace Russian fuels.
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Rwe And Tata Steel Partnership Could See Offshore Wind Power Made With Port Talbot Steel

RWE is proposing to build a commercial-scale offshore floating wind farm in the Celtic Sea. : A new partnership between RWE and Tata Steel could see high-tech floating wind turbines in the Celtic Sea made with Port Talbot steel. Wales' largest renewable energy operator and the UK's largest steelmaker will work together to explore the production of steel components for foundations and structures used in the commercial-scale floating offshore wind farm off the Welsh coast.
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How Renewable Energy Can Solve Nigeria's Energy Crisis - Businessday Ng

Fuel queues recently resurfaced in many filling stations across Nigeria following the shutdown of operations by some independent petroleum marketers who argue that they are no longer making reasonable profit by selling petrol at the government-stipulated price of N165 per litre. It couldn't have come at a worse time as businesses and households have been [...] read more How renewable energy can solve Nigeria's energy crisis.
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G7 Commits To Boost India's Clean Energy Transition | Economy News

They have committed to achieving a fully or predominantly decarbonised electricity sector by 2035, recognising that emissions from coal power generation is the single biggest cause of global warming.
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