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National Grid Poised To Start Emergency Winter Plan As Energy Prices Soar | Energy Industry

Scheme rewards businesses and households that shift power usage away from times of peak demandThe UK electricity network operator is poised to activate its emergency winter plan after energy prices rose amid falling temperatures and growing concern over power supplies.National Grid indicated it could announce on Monday afternoon that it was issuing a requirement for consumers to use its new demand flexibility service from Tuesday, which rewards businesses and households that shift their power usage away from times of peak demand. Continue reading...
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Graphite Miners News For The Month Of November 2022

During the past 30 days the China graphite flake-194 EXW spot price was up 0.22%. The China graphite flake-199 EXW spot price was up by 0.16%. Note that 94-97% is considered best suited for use in batteries; it is then upgraded to 99.9% purity to make "spherical" graphite used in Li-ion batteries. The spherical graphite 99.95% min EXW China price was up 0.28% the past 30 days. Fastmarkets (see below, not updated) shows China graphite flake 94% C (-100 mesh) prices at US$830/t and Europe graphite flake 94% C (-100 mesh) prices at US$920/t.
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How Agl's Closure Of Torrens Island Gas-fired Power Station Will Affect Sa's Power Prices And Energy Stability - Abc News

AGL has announced it will close its Torrens Island B gas-fired power station a decade earlier than planned. So where will the closure leave the state's power supply?
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Us Natural Gas Will Be Expensive This Winter. Blame Exports.

Sjoerd van der Wal/Getty Images More exports, and the lingering effects of extreme weather, could affect bills. American households that run on natural gas can expect high bills this winter. How high prices go depends on a lot of factors, including whether the war in Ukraine takes a new turn and if the winter is unusually mild or cold. The Energy Information Agency’s winter forecast expects bills to be higher than last year’s, though not quite as high as the summer peak. War in Ukraine and Europe’s ban on Russian gas have already reshaped global markets.
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Iceland: The Land Of Fire, Ice … And Digital Infrastructure? - Professional Investor

Sparsely populated Iceland may seem an unlikely tech hub, but my visit there showed why the country is so important for digital infrastructure.
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Considerations Before Agreeing To A Solar Power Purchase Agreement | Amundsen Davis Llc

In a Solar Panel Purchase Agreement (“PPA”), a developer (“Developer”) finances and installs solar panels on an owner’s (“Owner’s”) property and stipulates that the Owner use the electricity generated which is often cheaper than the rate charged by utility companies....By: Amundsen Davis LLC.
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South Africa: Uk State Visit To Drive Economic Growth, Turbocharge Infrastructure Investment

[] The United Kingdom and South Africa will join forces to drive economic growth and turbocharge infrastructure investment, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said on Tuesday.
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Top 5 Floating Wind Farm Stocks: Which Companies Are Going Deep In Clean Tech?

Floating wind farms might be the next frontier in green energy. Here’s what investors should know about the the top energy companies profiting at sea right now.
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High Energy Prices Lead To Coal Revival In Czech Republic - Albuquerque Journal

OSTRAVA, Czech Republic -- In this part of northeastern Czech Republic, huge piles of coal are stacked up ready to sell to eager buyers and smoke belches from coal-fired plants that are ramping up instead of winding down. Ostrava has been working for decades to end its legacy as the most polluted area of the country, transitioning from an industrial working-class stronghold to a modern city with tourist sights. But Russia's war in Ukraine has triggered an energy crisis in Europe that as paved the way for coal's comeback, endangering climate goals and threatening health from increased pollution.
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Bhp Lands Oz Minerals With Sweetened $9.6B Bid

BHP’s sweetened offer lands Oz Minerals as it accelerates its push to gain greater supplies of “green” metals needed to power the clean energy era.
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