Parexel Snapped Up, Again, As Goldman Sachs, Eqt Spend $8.5B On The Cro

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Parexel snapped up, again, as Goldman Sachs, EQT spend $8.5B on the CRO badams Fri, 07/02/2021 - 11:18.: The rumors were true: Whispers grew this year that Parexel, owned for the past four years by Pamplona Capital, was seeking a sale or an IPO. Today, the whispers stopped as the CRO loudly declared it is being bought out for $8.5 billion. The suitors and soon-to-be owners are the Swedish investment firm EQT Private Equity and the U.S. giant Goldman Sachs Asset Management, giving Pamplona a healthy return on the $5 billion it spent on the CRO in 2017.

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