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Commodities Hedge Fund Westbeck Outflanks Benchmarks, As Oil Correction Offers “big Buying Opportunity” In Q2

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Commodities hedge fund Westbeck outflanks benchmarks, as oil correction offers “big buying opportunity” in Q2 Submitted By Hugh Leask | 14/04/2021 - 3:36pm The recent dip in oil markets is a “healthy correction” which heralds attractive buying opportunities, according to London-based commodities-focused hedge fund Westbeck Capital Management, which maintained its positive Q1 momentum despite March’s pullback. The Westbeck Energy Opportunity Fund – which trades oil markets using a long/short directional approach across equities, futures and options – gained 6.2 per cent last month, outflanking industry benchmarks Brent (Total Return), which lost 1.4 per cent in March, and XOP, which added 1 per cent.

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