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Reporting to the Chair of the Investment Committee of the Board of Trustees and organizationally, to the EVP of the University, the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) will oversee all investment activities related to the endowment in support of its fiduciary responsibility.

First and foremost, the primary responsibility of the CIO is to drive the overall long-term performance of the endowment within an agreed upon risk framework.

Other specific responsibilities include:
Oversee Ongoing Investment Process

  • Provide thought leadership, creativity and direction to the investment staff (an office with headcount of roughly 13) and the Investment Committee of the Board of Trustees, including an ongoing assessment of the endowment’s investment structure, objectives, strategy, asset allocation, risk parameters, performance benchmarks, and policies in light of the University’s current and future needs and consistent with its overarching philosophy.

  • Establish, review, recommend, and modify strategic asset allocation, with support of the Investment Committee, and engage its members, leveraging their knowledge base and network.

  • Evaluate, select, and monitor current and prospective outside investment managers, in close collaboration with a talented staff of professionals. Maintain a deep pipeline of prospective, often aspirational managers and develop strategies to continually strengthen the portfolio. Monitor unfunded commitment to existing funds as well as a forward calendar of new funds by existing or targeted managers.

  • Champion sustainability efforts in close cooperation with the Responsible Investment Advisory Group (RIAG) acknowledging and embracing the increasingly important role of sustainable investing without compromising portfolio returns.

  • Cultivate and maintain relationships with leading investment thinkers, including individual managers and a national network of colleagues within the investment community to stay abreast of emerging trends and issues.

  • Position the endowment to be an investor of choice and a strong strategic investment partner.

  • Work collaboratively as an important member of the University’s senior leadership to ensure accurate valuation, accounting, performance measurement, and reporting of investment assets.

  • Maintain a working knowledge of University financials and their impact on investment decisions.

  • Oversee the preparation of reports and informative materials for Investment Committee meetings.

Lead the Investment Office

  • Provide the overall leadership, supervision, and administration of the office, including mentoring, developing, motivating, and rewarding a team of talented investment professionals. Maintain a strong talent pipeline and continue the successful Analyst program which employs recent Tufts’ graduates in the investment office, helping launch their investment careers.

  • Perpetuate a culture of collaboration, inclusivity, open dialogue and communication, encouraging both strategic and tactical brainstorming on investment and financial issues as well as the free flow of information among those responsible for different asset classes. Promote a culture of holistic and independent investment thinking beyond asset class silos.

  • Serve as an integral member of the University’s leadership team, forging close working relationships with colleagues in finance and other key functional areas in support of holistic, enterprise-wide thinking and problem solving.

  • Represent and showcase the investment office functioning as an ambassador and advocate for the endowment throughout the larger University community building bridges with administration, faculty, students and donors (in conjunction with the Advancement Office and the Office of Technology Transfer) where appropriate.


Tufts University is an Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action Employer. The University actively encourages applications and nominations of women, minorities and persons with disabilities and applications from candidates with diverse cultural backgrounds.


Mohit Saini



John K. Atsalis

Investor | Endowment

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Investor | Endowment

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Investor | Endowment

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