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The Alternative Asset Summit

Las Vegas

October 2012
9:00AM - 5:00PM Friday
Featuring a full day Hedge Fund Boot Camp on Tuesday October 16th. Victor Park invites you to participate in the industry’s premier event, the Alternative Asset Summit. Held at the unforgettable Wynn, the Summit is a unique Investor Waived Registration event designed for the Industry Professional as collaboratively structured by Industry Professionals. The uniquely collaboratively structured, investor heavy and service provider light Summit is a unique experience designed for the Industry Professional to efficiently accomplish their annual informational and networking needs. As attendees are predominantly Investors, Managers and only a select amount of only the most expert of Service Providers in their respective fields, the Alternative Asset Summit is unique in that it brings together the highest concentration of leading hedge fund managers and institutional investors to one venue. Given the smaller and selective attendance comprised largely of friends and friends of friends, the Summit generates 3 days of hyper-networking and concentrated open and insightful discussions generating more take-aways than larger, less personalized service provider heavy conferences. Complemented by a variety of social events, the Summit also provides for exclusive networking opportunities in a relaxed, yet professional business forum via Topical Luncheon Round Tables, Manager and Company Specific Luncheon Roundtables, Break Out Sessions, One on Ones, and twice daily social networking events. With influential attendees, breakout sessions, and cutting edge discussions on current and relevant issues the Alternative Asset Summit is sure to: Provide an ideal platform for meeting potential investors Serve as a platform for your annual Summit Needs Provide an ideal venue for meeting up-and-coming as well as established Hedge Fund Managers Stimulate debate and strategic discussion Develop quality business development opportunities Help service your Prospective and Current Clients