Texas County & District Retirement System made a total of $125 million hires for real estate and private equity, according to a transaction report on the $24.3 billion pension fund’s website.  In real estate, $75 million was given to GEM Realty Fund VI under GEM Realty Capital.  In private equity, ... Sign up to read more »

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About Texas County & District Retirement System

At the Texas County & District Retirement System (TCDRS), we help more than 255,000 Texans plan for their future. To do that, we partner with counties and districts to provide retirement, disability and survivor benefits. The Texas Legislature created TCDRS in 1967. Since then, we've grown into a strong, multi-billion dollar trust with more than 677 participating employers. We're proud to help turn our members' dreams for the future into plans. Our employers advance fund their plans over the length of their employees' careers. That means employees can count on their benefits when they are ready to retire. TCDRS is governed by the Texas Legislature and overseen by an independent board of trustees. We don't receive state funding. Each plan is funded independently by the county or district.  

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