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SAN FRANCISCO, CA November 15, 2016 -- A number of the United States’ top chief investment officers are due to gather in San Francisco next year to discuss the future of institutional investment and private markets.

Trusted Insight, the world’s biggest network for institutional investors, will host more than 200 institutional investors at its inaugural Trusted Insight Alpha Conference in San Francisco on June 14, 2017.

Chief investment officers and senior investment professionals from the industry’s top institutions, including the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, University of Minnesota, Soros Fund Management, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation and the Carnegie Corporation, will be strategizing on the latest investment trends in the ever-changing worlds of alternative assets. Their discussions will span private equity, venture capital, hedge funds, real estate, real assets and private credit.

History has produced many examples where early adopters have reaped the greatest benefit.

“History has produced many examples where early adopters have reaped the greatest benefit,” said Alpha Conference speaker Stuart Mason, chief investment officer at the University of Minnesota Endowment, in a March 2016 interview with Trusted Insight. “While we don't all invest in everything, obviously, I think you have to be open to change and aggressively seek new ideas and new platforms because opportunity can often get arbitraged away.”

The conference will also feature less tangible topics like impact investing, demographics, the evolution of the endowment model and the importance of diversity within investment offices.

“A diversity of backgrounds, a diversity of opinions makes a huge difference in how we think about things,” said Alpha Conference speaker Kim Lew, chief investment officer at the Carnegie Corporation, in an Oct. 2015 interview with Trusted Insight. “People need to see things from different perspectives for us to be really good at what we do. The world is changing, we have to invest globally in order to be effective, and we have to understand how all the parts work together.”

The aim is for institutional investors to walk away from the event with a broad network of industry contacts, a deeper understanding of private markets and path forward amid a low yield environment. The all-day event will feature keynote presentations, lectures, panels and audience roundtable discussions and debates.

A diversity of backgrounds, a diversity of opinions makes a huge difference in how we think about things.

“The Trusted Insight Alpha Conference is the preeminent event for institutional investors,” said Alex Bangash, founder and CEO of Trusted Insight. “With the low-yield environment impacting institutional investors’ returns, it has never been more important to discuss portfolio diversification into alternative assets, like venture capital and private equity. In bringing together the top limited partners in our industry, we will identify how the world of institutional investing will evolve over the next forty to fifty years.”

For those wishing to join this preeminent gathering of chief investment officers and senior investment professionals, more information can be found on the on the Trusted Insight Alpha Conference event page.