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VC Recap: Funds Raise Record Amount; Israel Next VC Gold Mine

by trusted insight posted 4years ago 2138 views
Introducing Trusted Insight's Venture Capital Recap, a compilation of the most important venture capital news from this week. Here are the stories you may have missed:

Venture Capital Funds Raise Most Since Dot-Com Era But Are Slow To Spend It. Venture capital funds in the U.S. received the most money since the heady dot-com days, but they're moving more cautiously as their investments are slow to realize returns. Read more

December Top 10 Venture Capital Deals. Right before the end of 2016, the venture capital world saw some of the year’s biggest deals closed. Read more

A Conversation With LP, VC Advisor, Jonathan Abrams. Jonathan Abrams is an active angel in companies like AngelList and Docker, co-founded Founders Den in San Francisco, and is an LP in some great VC funds. Read more

Why Isarel Is The Next Venture Capital Gold Mine. To date, over 300 multinationals including Facebook and Amazon have tapped into Israeli innovation by setting up R&D labs in the country, usually to work on their most cutting-edge products. Read more

Family Offices Will Invest In More Startups In 2017. OK, some of the more micro-predictions about equity, currency and bond markets might have been more successful, but forecasting more than a few months ahead with any certainty today is a mug’s game more than ever. Read more