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VC Recap: Late-Stage Funding Plunges, Startups Pile On Debt

by trusted insight posted 4years ago 3591 views
Introducing Trusted Insight's Venture Capital Recap, a compilation of the most important venture capital news from the previous day. Here are the stories you may have missed:

Late-Stage Funding See Steep Drop. The number of startups receiving funds came down by 21% and the amount of fundings received by startups in late stage fell by almost 50%. All in all, 2016 has been the year of late stage funding crunch. Read more

Germany, France To Launch $1B Early-Stage Fund. According to French business magazine Les Echos, the approach could be similar to the one used last year, by the same actors, to pour €75 million into the French venture-capital fund Partech Growth. Read more

U.S. Startups Are Piling On Debt. Last year venture capitalists plowed a record $79 billion into startups at often unsustainable valuations. Enthusiasm waned in 2016, when fewer startups got funded, and those that did faced more scrutiny and tougher deal terms.Read more