Uys Meyer: South African hedge fund pioneer re-opens commodity fund

Hedge Funds
by trusted insight posted 8years ago 528 views
From Opalesque TV Uys Meyer was involved with developing short selling in South Africa and launched the country's second hedge fund 1999. He was also an early investor in Zurich based Harcourt Investment Consulting, which helped him internationalize his own firm BlueAlpha Investment Management early on. In this Opalesque.TV BACKSTAGE interview, Uys speaks about his Polar Star Commodity Fund, an unique arbitrage-related fund focusing on soft commodities that returned 25% annualized net since inception in November 2008. The fund has been re-opened for a short time after having been closed for years. It exploits large price variances of same commodity on different exchanges based on fundamental performance drivers. The strategy requires deep understanding of logistics of physical commodities like climate, production, storage, transportation, and pricing. In addition, Meyer's commodity strategy operates in a space that is not crowded with speculators. He also speaks about trends & developments in global farming and how the changing climate affects soft commodities. Food security is growing concern with ever increasing demand and far reaching changes in consumption patterns. Uys obtained an honours degree in Accounting at the University of Stellenbosch. He completed his articles with Ernst and Young. He has broad financial market experience having worked for UAL Merchant Bank, Lombard Guarantee Insurance Company and FirstCorp Merchant Bank in various investment banking and trading related positions. Having co-founded Decillion in 1996, he launched the groups' hedge fund management business and managed this entity until his departure in 2003. Uys founded BlueAlpha Investment Management in July 2003.