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The Twenty Minute Vc: Venture Capital | Startup Funding | The Pitch: 20vc: How To Build True Human Relationships With Vc Pre-investment, Why Valuation Is Not The Only Term And When To Take Lower Offers & How To Approach Mental Health As A Founder With Jon Dishotsky, Founder & Ceo @ Starcity

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Jon Dishotsky is the Founder & CEO @ Starcity, the startup on a mission to make cities more affordable to everyone allowing you to live with great people in the city you love. To date, Jon has raised over $28m in funding for Starcity from the likes of Social Capital, Y Combinator, Bullpen Capital, NEA and Kima Ventures in Paris, just to name a few. Prior to founding Starcity, Jon did over 3M square feet of commercial real estate transactions for clients including Optimizely, Cruise Automation, Weebly, Zenefits and many more.