The LETS Strategy Ranked #4 by HedgeCo in 2016

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Disclaimer:  Investing in the Stock Market involves a high degree of risk and losses can be incurred.  Trading Strategies add to the associated risks already ingrained in the stock market and there are no guarantees that any attempt to implement risk controls will work.  Volatility levels often increase within trading strategies and the use of leveraged ETFs increases those volatility risks even further.  Past performance is no guarantee of future results and everyone should consult with their personal financial advisors before making any decisions to invest.  Email notices in association with trading strategies that require timely decisions are often extremely inefficient due in part, but not limited to, internet connection issues, email blocking or delaying by email service providers, and the ability to respond by the recipient, and therefore they should not be relied upon for trading decisions.  Often, but not always, positions outlined in an email may have already been taken by others, including Thomas H. Kee Jr., and they are not intended to be investment recommendations.  Stock Traders Daily is not an advisor, it does not act as your personal financial advisor, and it does not know your risk tolerance, financial goals, or objectives, and it will not consider those in conjunction with the services it offers.  The services offered by Stock Traders Daily are not designed for any unique person or type of person or entity, and it makes no claims to be and does not act in that capacity.  Stock Traders Daily does not invest in the strategies it offers but clients of Stock Traders Daily may have or may not have already entered positions reflected in email communications based on the rules associated with the strategies, and Stock Traders Daily has no direct knowledge of any actions taken by clients in that regard.

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