Jessica McCarroll: Silverhorn Dynamic Relative Value Fund combines risk-on and risk-off investment modes

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From OpalesqueTV Jessica McCarroll has 25 years experience in the finance industry and has been living in Asia since 1990. She has been running hedge funds since 1991 and co-founded Lynx Arbitrage, one of Asia's most successful volatility arbitrage funds, in 2004. With her new Silverhorn Dynamic Relative Value Fund, Jessica and her team created a "binary investment strategy" designed to operate and invest in both risk-on and risk-off (with a tail risk protection component) modes, based on a proprietary model that measures liquidity flows, which remains the biggest regional risk in Asia. The Asian equity relative value strategy creates a beta neutral portfolio of relative-value pairs to capture alpha in positively trending and directionless markets (risk-on mode). The fund targets a net return of 10-12% per annum. In this Opalesque.TV BACKSTAGE video, Jessica discusses: - History and successes of the Lynx Arbitrage hedge fund with Lesley-Ann Murray - Evolution of the Asian financial markets and hedge fund industry since 1990 - Arbitrage Opportunities in Asia - The Partner Model: How setting up a hedge fund has changed since 2008 Jessica McCarroll is Co-CIO of Siverhorn Advisors, a HK based firm active in wealth management, private equity and asset management. Prior to Silverhorn Jessica managed bespoke managed accounts as MD of Mint Partners Division of BGC Securities (Hong Kong) and MD at Liquid Capital Securities. She co-founded Lynx Arbitrage, a volatility arbitrage hedge fund, in 2004 and managed hedge funds at Lotus Asset Management, Axiom Investment Management, and IFM, all in Hong Kong. Jessica graduated from the University of Virginia, USA, with a B.A. in Mathematics and started her career at O’Connor & Associates as a market maker on the London Traded Options Market and the New York based American Stock Exchanges (option floors), before running Salomon Brothers proprietary desk in Hong Kong . Headquartered in Hong Kong with offices in Jakarta and Zurich, Silverhorn Investment Advisors is an international financial services boutique founded in 2010 to deliver superior investment returns to sophisticated family and multi-family offices. The interview was shot in Hong Kong on April 30th 2013. On May 13th, Silverhorn’s proprietary risk model went ‘risk off’ which was the first risk off signal since June 2012.