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Jacada Announces Private Equity Investment From IGP

by posted 2years ago 1729 views
Jacada Ltd.,&nbsp;a leading global provider of customer experience technology designed to simplify the interaction between businesses and their customers, announces that Israel Growth Partners (IGP), a Private Equity investment firm founded by two of Israel&#39;s most experienced global tech leaders, has invested in&nbsp;<a href=";id=10446427&amp;type=0&amp;" rel="nofollow">Jacada Ltd.</a>, becoming a major shareholder of the company. Known for seeking companies with valuable intellectual properties, IGP recognized Jacada&#39;s unique technology and valued its positioning for&nbsp;<a href=";id=10446430&amp;type=0&amp;" rel="nofollow">Visual IVR</a>&nbsp;market leadership and other digital transformation solutions aiming to reduce the cost to serve customers while driving a seamless customer journey.