How Brazil is Poised to Dominate in Agriculture

Private Equity
by trusted insight posted 8years ago 443 views
Founder and CEO of Anthony J Archer shares his specialist and perceptive knowledge of alternative assets in emerging markets with a candid and informal presentation at a Liquid Investment Conference which took place in May 2013, alongside the firm's annual client plantation visit. Recent financial markets volatility is examined and key points are considered in this wide ranging, entertaining and yet sobering analysis of what ails the global economy and where a solution can be found. Diversification of assets through the company's own 'Liquid Investment Theory' is held up as a simple and effect way investors can participate in the faster growth and superior domestic prospects in Brazil, one of the 21st century's key global players. Partnered with the best local partner with decades long expert agricultural knowledge and with a local office Liquid Investments is a major agricultural commodity investor in northeast Brazil. Focused on achieving the best possible absolute returns, Liquid and its clients are well placed to benefit from the consequences of a 40% rise in the global population by 2050 and the concurrent need for more agricultural output.