Global Macro with a "Common Sense" Overlay

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From Opalesque.TV Before setting up Armstrong Investment Managers in 2009, Ana was head of portfolio construction at UBS Wealth Management and co-head of the multi-asset group at Insight Investment. Her team has been working together since 2000 and manages the Diversified Dynamic Solution Fund, a systematic global macro fund with a discretionary overlay. With AUM of over $200m, the fund has now completed its 3 years track record and offers weekly liquidity, full transparency, and controlled downside risk. In this Opalesque.TV BACKSTAGE video, Ana speaks about: - The potential deficiencies of "pure" quant funds - The debt trap of most Western governments: Inflation will eventually emerge as central banks focus more on growth than target inflation - How to define appropriate risk budgets - Identifying and measuring the markets' Inefficiencies, contradictions, disequilibriums - 80% of returns comes from identifying the macro trends - Opportunities in commodities and tech sector and how to profit from the change of correlations Dr. Ana Čukić Armstrong is CEO at Armstrong Investment Managers. Previously Ana spent six years as co-head of Insight Investment’s $2 billion multi-asset group. Prior to joining Insight, Ana worked at UBS Wealth Management as director & head of portfolio construction for the UBS Managed Accounts Program, managing $6 billion. She began her career at Coutts as an investment analyst. Ana is also a director on the board of the Aberdeen Asia Income Fund. Ana has a PhD in Quantitative Economics and an MBA from Imperial College in London.