Doug Barnett: The hedge fund manager of hedge fund managers

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From OpalesqueTV For over 21 years, Doug Barnett has been investing in Thailand, achieving a 3111% gain in value (IRR = 18.1%), while, as a comparison, Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway was up only 1860% (IRR 15.3%) and BANPU, the best performing listed Thai stock, was up only 1090%. Over the same period, Thailand’s SET Index was down 1%. Thailand – as all emerging countries – is volatile. Therefore, Barnett prefers investors who understand the opportunity set and recommends to invest with a multiple-year time horizon. Julian Robertson and George Soros were among his early investors, and now, 40% of his clients are actually the private accounts of other hedge fund managers. In this Opalesque.TV BACKSTAGE interview, Barnett talks about: * The Rationale for a dedicated Emerging Country Fund - here: Thailand * Barnett's competitive advantage: outsmarting "housewives" and daytraders * The dominating role of Earnings Growth in emerging markets: Medium term, earnings growth overrides volatility * Do politics and "red shirts / yellow shirts" affect Doug's fund? Corporate governance & regulation in Thailand * Thai Market Overview: The universe of stocks & Why now is a good time to invest in Thailand * How to hedge in Thailand & Risk Management Doug Barnett is President of Quest Management Inc., the only Thai-based foreign fund manager focusing primarily on Thailand. Doug has twenty four years of experience in the investment banking and fund management business, and specializes in the Thai stock market for the past twenty one years. Prior to founding Quest in 1994, Mr. Barnett was the Managing Director of Swiss Fund, the Thai division of the global Unifund group. As head of Swiss Fund, Mr. Barnett spearheaded a focused investment strategy that achieved a $350 million profit on an average investment of $150 million over four years. Before developing his expertise in the Thai stock market, Mr. Barnett worked in Los Angeles for three years as an Associate for Morgan Stanley. He earned a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, both from Princeton University. Before graduating at the top of his class in 1987 from UCLA’s Anderson Graduate School of Management, Mr. Barnett worked for five years as a project engineer for Chevron Corporation.