Crowdfunding: The New Age of Venture Capital or an Invitation to Fraud and Disaster?

Venture Capital
by trusted insight posted 8years ago 330 views
Will equity crowdfunding usher in a new, better age of venture capital? Or will people end up throwing their life savings into a black hole, with little actual hope of gaining a return? On February 7th, 2013 Stanford's Rock Center for Corporate Governance and Advanced Degree Student Association hosted the panel discussion, "Crowdfunding: The New Age of Venutre Capital or an Invitation to Fraud and Disaster?" featuring Naval Ravikant (CEO and co-founder of AngelList), Rory Eakin (Founder and COO of CircleUp), and Professor Joe Grundfest (Stanford Law School). The panel discussed the arguments, seeking to gauge the potential of crowdfunding to improve startup finance, assessed the risks of mismanagement and fraud, and reviewed the implications of the crowdfunding exemption for the overall securities regulation framework.