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An Exciting Year Ahead For Trusted Insight In 2018

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Happy new year! Trusted Insight wants to thank you for being with us in 2017. With your support, we have grown to become not only the world’s largest network of institutional investors, but a vital resource for information, insights and opportunities for institutions across the globe. Our success would not be possible without your patronage. 

Here are some of the ways we want to help continue to grow your investment and career success in 2018: 

Are You A Top Institutional Investor? Let Us Know!
Trusted Insight is highlighting the industry’s brightest minds and best performers, and we’d like your help dissecting the institutional investing universe by institution type and seniority level. Nominate a peer (or yourself) via email. Check out our latest Top 30 lists here.

Want To Network With Your Peer LPs? 
Attend Trusted Insight events held worldwide. Trusted Insight gathers the world’s top limited partners for intimate, exclusive networking events and forward-thinking discussions on the future of institutional asset management. Find an event in your area. 

Hiring In 2018?
Utilize Trusted Insight to identify, screen, vet and hire top talent to expand your investment office or fill a vacancy. Trusted Insight’s intimate industry knowledge is our strongest competitive advantage over traditional staffing search firms. With Trusted Insight, you are leveraging industry specialists, cutting-edge technology and the world’s largest network of institutional investors to acquire the most talented investment professionals. Contact Trusted Insight to learn more.

Are You The Definitive Voice Of The Industry?
Become a Trusted Insight contributing writer. In addition to publishing original analysis and third-party institutional investment and private markets news from hundreds of sources, Trusted Insight aims to build a network of contributors who can deconstruct, analyze and critique the industry from an insider’s perspective. Learn how to share your insights in 2018. Inquire about this opportunity now. Also you can check out our latest content here.

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