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With market challenges, today at all-time lows for global bond yields, a greater consideration was put towards capital preservation providing a superior yield on this bond vehicle. For institutional clients, this means a risk-adjusted portfolio strategy, especially given the broad and rich background of the management team behind the transaction, as well as the enhanced mining production capabilities, thanks to the advanced integrated technologies that will be introduced to the mining industry. This is due to GBB management’s long-term experience in the Robotics and Automation business since 1985.

For individuals interested, Gold Backed Bonds, LLC has prepared 3 high caliber videos, clearly describing the unique benefits of the business model, along with additional layers of protection that is available if investors choose to engage them.

Gold Backed Bonds, LLC is a firm that concentrates on putting together feasible and well documented mining assets into production through its risk-adjusted strategy –  which sponsor investment grade projects through its hard asset collateral. This bond is meant for accredited investors, their representatives, and financial firms only.

Niobrara is a uniquely positioned oil and gas firm that provides superior energy solutions. With an already hot demand for its modular oil distillery units, the company forecasts to be profitable within the first two years.

Niobara Energy was formed for the purpose of constructing lower cost, highly efficient, easy to operate and proven 2,500 to 10,000 barrels per day modular technology systems at key locations to convert readily available feeds into high quality and highly marketable products.

The Cheyenne, Wyoming Facility project is designed to process up to 10,000 barrels per day of sweet crude oil, condensate and related feeds available in Wyoming and Colorado. The feeds are to be processed primarily into Paint Solvents, Marine Diesel, Jet Fuel, Gas Oils, and Asphalt.

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