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LPs Talk Quants, Pros (& Cons) Of Seeding New Managers

A structural shift is happening in how institutional investors approach hedge funds. Technology plays an increasingly important role in hedged strategies, and institutions are looking to newer, hungrier managers for long-term partnership. Panelists include: Jonathan Hook, chief investment officer, Harry and Janet Weinberg Foundation; Pamela Campbell, managing director of hedged strategies, Washington University in St. Louis; Dan Parker, deputy chief investment officer, Texas Tech University. Elaine Orr moderated.
Read by 66% of LPs February 20, 2016

Threats To Hedge Fund Managers' 'Secret Sauce'

Hedge fund managers are arguably the celebrity chefs of the money management industry. They are best able to whip up returns that make investors drool. But financial engineers are unpicking their secret sauce and finding new ways to sell it by the bottle. The biggest trend in the money management industry is the shift towards passive investment. About $3tn is now in index-tracking and exchange traded funds that only seek to replicate the returns of a broad market, such as the S&P 500, the Barclays Aggregate bond index or the FTSE 100. The basic return of a market...
Read by 39% of LPs August 14, 2014

Barclays Trading Unit Said to Take 60 Employees in Spinout

Olivier Durantel, Gregoire Schneider, Antoine Fillet and Maxime Fortin of the British bank's nQuants unit will form the venture, according to a person with knowledge of the plans, who asked not to be...
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October 29, 2013

Self Confirming Long Run Biases

Bocconi University Assistant Professor Simone Cerreia Vioglio, Assistant Professor of Economics at Bocconi University, presents preliminary research on self-confirming long run biases. He and his collaborators consider a myopic decision maker facing a recurrent decision problem. They show that a long run bias emerges that favors tested actions, that is, actions on which information has been collected over time. In so doing they provide, inter alia, a learning foundation for the self-confirming equilibrium with model uncertainty of Battigalli et al. (2011). This lecture is a part of the Workshop on Ambiguity and Robustness in Macroeconomics and Finance.
Read by 52% of LPs October 08, 2013

SAC Says Three London Portfolio Managers Left Hedge Fund

SAC Capital Advisors LP, the $14 billion hedge-fund firm founded by Steven A. Cohen, said three portfolio managers in London left last month....
Read by 35% of LPs October 08, 2013

Investors turn their backs on robot hedge funds

Investors in the $330 billion computer-driven hedge fund sector are pulling out money for the first time since 2008, data showed on Wednesday, signaling the possible start of a bigger exit...
Read by 33% of LPs August 28, 2013

Man Shuts Vision Fund in Overhaul of Guaranteed Products

Man Group Plc, the world's biggest publicly traded hedge-fund manager, is shutting a range of products that aimed to protect clients from losses after they failed to meet performance targets....
Read by 70% of LPs August 27, 2013

UBS splits off Hedge Fund business

UBS Global Asset Management has announced that its leading Alternative and Quantitative Investments (A&Q) hedge fund platform will be reorganised into two separate business areas with immediate effec...
Read by 54% of LPs August 14, 2013

Winton escalates computer-driven hedge fund arms race | Reuters

Winton Capital, one of the world's biggest hedge fund firms, has developed a new model of its flagship fund, hoping its greater allocation to equities and risk will produce better r...
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August 07, 2013

Global Macro with a "Common Sense" Overlay

From Opalesque.TV Before setting up Armstrong Investment Managers in 2009, Ana was head of portfolio construction at UBS Wealth Management and co-head of the multi-asset group at Insight Investment. Her team has been working together since 2000 and manages the Diversified Dynamic Solution Fund, a systematic global macro fund with a discretionary overlay. With AUM of over $200m, the fund has now completed its 3 years track record and offers weekly liquidity, full transparency, and controlled downside risk. In this Opalesque.TV BACKSTAGE video, Ana speaks about: - The potential deficiencies of "pure" quant funds - The debt trap of most Western governments: Inflation will eventually emerge as central banks focus more on growth than target inflation - How to define appropriate risk budgets - Identifying and measuring the markets' Inefficiencies, contradictions, disequilibriums - 80% of returns comes from identifying the macro trends - Opportunities in commodities and tech sector and how to profit from the change of correlations Dr. Ana Čukić Armstrong is CEO at Armstrong Investment Managers. Previously Ana spent six years as co-head of Insight Investment’s $2 billion multi-asset group. Prior to joining Insight, Ana worked at UBS Wealth Management as director & head of portfolio construction for the UBS Managed Accounts Program, managing $6 billion. She began her career at Coutts as an investment analyst. Ana is also a director on the board of the Aberdeen Asia Income Fund. Ana has a PhD in Quantitative Economics and an MBA from Imperial College in London.
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