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Outlook On Emerging Markets In 2021

While some emerging economies continue to manage second waves, the majority are seeing a recovery in activity. Investors and economists expect this momentum to continue in 2021, aided by the discovery of effective vaccines.
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May 12, 2020

West Virginia University Foundation Eyeing Venture Opportunities Outside Of U.S. | Nan Chen, Senior Investment Analyst | Q&A

Nan Chen is a senior investment analyst at the West Virginia University Foundation. She has been with the organization since 2011 and has held a few investment-related positions. In this interview, she discussed why WVU Foundation wants to increase allocation to early-stage venture capital; her focus on China-related strategies; and the close-knit community at WVU Foundation that celebrates and understands diverse cultures and experiences.
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Australia's Sovereign Fund Posts Double-Digit Returns On Emerging Markets Bets

The Future Fund posted returns of 11.5% for the year ended June 30, the highest since September 2015 and also beating its self-imposed 5.6% target, helped by a 2.7% increase in its exposure to emerging markets.
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German Institutional Investors Have Faith In Emerging Markets

German institutional investors are turning to emerging markets and backing third-party asset managers to increase their exposures, according to rating agency Scope.
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Hedge Fund Sees 'Significant Correction' In Emerging Markets

The last time Jordi Visser remembers so many fellow investors saying the exact same thing about emerging markets was February 2016. Now, euphoria has run to the point where markets are poised for a sudden, sharp drop, even though emerging-market stocks remain attractive over the long haul, Visser says.
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Emerging Markets Guru To Retire

Mark Mobius, veteran investor and market guru who became one of the most recognized authorities on money-making opportunities in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America, plans to retire from Franklin Templeton Investments after three decades at the firm.
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Will Emerging Markets Sail Through Storms In 2018?

After a year of double-digit returns, one of the key questions for emerging markets in 2018 is whether they will continue to be insulated from one another’s crises.
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Emerging Markets' Dream Run Could See Reality Check In 2018

<p>Bulls will retain the upper hand in emerging markets next year, though some assets may face a bumpier ride than in 2017. Bonds and equities in developing countries will continue to streak ahead, outpacing their developed-nation peers into next year, according to a Bloomberg survey of 20 investors, traders and strategists.</p>
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Equity International December 19, 2017

Long-Term Currency Forecasting Of The Mexican Peso: Equity International

Macroeconomic considerations, like demographics and GDP growth, make emerging markets an obvious place to look for potential investments. Over the long-term, emerging markets are likely to enjoy higher demographic and economic growth than that in developed markets. However, currency risk is a key uncertainty.
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Regulations In Emerging Markets Can Work Both Ways

Economic growth and the potential for outsize returns in emerging markets appeal to investors, but lagging or absent regulations are a major concern. While unpredictable policies can create a complicated investing environment, the hands-off gesture by governments has provided room for free trade and growth unseen in developed countries. <br /> <br /> In part three of Trusted Insight’s Emerging Markets panel, experienced LPs investing in emerging markets discuss how they navigate this complex water. They also answered questions from the audience.
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