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Property Group to Crowdfund First UK Residential REIT

Mill Group Residential has revealed its plans to launch the first ever mainstream UK residential REIT via a crowdfunding platform....
Read by 63% of LPs November 17, 2014

GroundFloor RE Platform Debuts All New Siter

GroundFloor was founded in 2012 and continues to operate in "private beta". The funding platform has set a goal to fully fund 10 to 12 loans during 2014 and stands at 9 offers fully funded today. G...
Read by 57% of LPs September 18, 2014

How Famous Accelerators Have Edged Out VCs

A little more than a decade ago, it used to be a much costlier undertaking to start a new technology business, particularly in software. The cloud and distributed computing has changed all that....
Read by 49% of LPs September 08, 2014

Real Estate Investment Firm Closed on $85M Building Through Crowdfunding

A real estate investment firm that raises much of its cash via crowdfunding, recently closed on an $85 million parcel downtown. Nearly a third of that cash came from the "crowd."...
Read by 30% of LPs September 08, 2014

Should You Reconsider Your Real Estate Crowdfunding Investment?

Ignoring the "crowdfunding" aspect, these are commercial loan transactions which carry the same risks and concerns as any commercial loan. I have reviewed several offering documents and, speaking as ...
Read by 35% of LPs August 25, 2014

Crowdfunding in the Real-Estate Market

The roller-coaster ride of residential real-estate markets in the last few years have a lot of investors thinking about the value of real estate, including commercial real estate. Not only does this ...
Read by 54% of LPs August 15, 2014

Kickstarter Pivots From Crowdfunding to Venture Capital

Oculus VR attracted $91 million in Venture capitalist funding before being bought by Facebook for $2 billion...
Read by 58% of LPs June 04, 2014

Fundrise raises $31M to become one of industry's richest startups

Fundrise received more than $31 million in its first substantial capital raising. Silverstein Properties' chief executive Martin Burger and chief investment officer Tal Kerret, along with Ackman-Ziff Real Estate Group, are among the investors in the Series A round. The $31 million in capital positions Fundrise as one of the industry's most well-funded startups.
Read by 79% of LPs May 22, 2014

Early Crowdfunding Player Indiegogo Brings On Famous New Investors

As the nascent industry of crowdfunding matures, some big-name investors are getting involved. Indiegogo, an early player, said an all-star list of tech entrepreneurs and venture capitalists is now backing the company.
Read by 60% of LPs May 06, 2014

Equity crowdfunding is here to stay

Even with investor protections in place, it's a risky venture with limited opportunity to unlock value....
Read by 75% of LPs