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10 Most Important Reads Of The Week - Oct 28, 2016

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It has been an eventful week, and it's easy to fall behind. Here are the 10 most important reads of the week.

Top 30 Sovereign Wealth Fund Rising Stars

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Sovereign wealth funds, with their massive capital capacity, are the unsung giants of the institutional investing world. Not only do their investment decisions play a crucial role the economy of their native countries, but these funds also exert influence in the private sector with their engagement in alternative assets. This list features 30 individuals with growing influence in some of the largest state- and country-level funds across the world.

Harvard Called ‘Lazy, Fat, Stupid’ In Endowment Report Last Year

Harvard University’s money managers collected tens of millions in bonuses by exceeding “easy-to-beat” investment goals even as the college’s endowment languished, employees complained in an internal review. The consulting firm McKinsey & Co., in a wide-ranging examination, zeroed in on the endowment’s benchmarks, or investment targets. Read more

Institutional Investors To Lose Billions As U.S. Mall Real Estate Falters

The dramatic shift to online shopping that has crushed U.S. department stores in recent years now threatens the investors who a decade ago funded the vast expanse of brick and mortar emporiums that many Americans no longer visit. Read more

Michael Moritz On How Sequoia Could Lose Its Edge | Podcast

Sequoia Capital Chairman Sir Michael Moritz discusses Steve Jobs, diversity, founder arrogance, his route to Silicon Valley and what gives Sequoia an edge. Read more

The Unique Tool One University Uses To Juice Its Nearly $2B Endowment Fund

Investors in the elite world of foundations and endowments are using ETFs to achieve their goals. Read more

Marc Andreessen On Struggles, Establishing Networks, Fundraising | Video

Andreessen Horowitz' Marc Andreessen chats with Y Combinator about why he entered venture capital, how to get funding from his firm and the idea of the "startup struggle." Read more

Double Eagle Energy, A Texas Unicorn, Preps For A Rare Oil IPO

Founded by a retired NFL player and his high school buddy -- with land deals signed on the hood of a pickup -- the Fort Worth oil and gas company is now worth nearly $3 billion, according to a half dozen bankers who have examined its value. Read more

Here’s How David Swensen Left His Ivy League Rivals Behind

The Yale University endowment—one of only two with a positive return among Ivy League funds over the past year—succeeded by avoiding troubled asset classes and loading up on private investments, like venture capital, a recent study found. Read more

AOL Founder Steve Case Says Silicon Valley's Dominance Is Coming To An End

AOL founder and current venture capitalist Steve Case has words for Silicon Valley: you won't be the only game in town for much longer. Read more

Ray Dalio On The Economic Machine, USA And Europe

An interview and Q&A with billionaire hedge fund manager Ray Dalio. Ray covers topics relating to inflation,deleveraging and the Economic Machine. The conversation covers Europe and what Ray thinks of it and the USA's economy. This interviews gives an insight into Ray Dalio's theories on economical issues and his approach to macro investing. Read more

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