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10 Most Important Reads Of The Week - July 14, 2017

by trusted insight posted 4years ago 1443 views

It has been an eventful week, and it's easy to fall behind. Here are the 10 most important reads of the week.

CIOs’ Tactical (Or Not) Preparation For President Trump | CIO Panel Part I | Video (10:00). The election of Donald Trump to presidency was a significant political event in 2016 that profoundly shaped the expectations and strategies of institutional investors. In part one of the “Trumponomics 101” panel at Trusted Insight’s Alpha Conference, chief investment officers from university endowments, health care systems and corporations revisited the asset allocation decisions they made before and after the election and the thinking behind it.

Family Offices Pioneer Algorithmic Revolution In Private Investing. The investment push into private companies is one of the big investment themes of the post-financial crisis, and its just getting going. This view was reinforced by what Robert Soros, the son of one of the great investment gurus of the last 50 years, George Soros, said.

How Endowments Enrich America's Hedge Fund Billionaires. Public pensions and college endowments are some of the biggest investors in hedge funds, investment vehicles that have made their managers some of the wealthiest people in the world. Middlemen funnel this public money into the hedge funds, as do funds of funds. All of them collect fees.

June People Moves: A Prominent Investor's Son Resigns, Ex-Barclays Chief Leaves BlackRock. June 2017 had several position changes in institutional finance. A prominent investor's son stepped down from his father's family office to set up his own fund. An ex-Barclays' chief executive resigned from BlackRock's board over fraud charges. Here are the top institutional investment and GP job changes in June.

Sequoia Founder Discusses Investment Strategy, Technology Markets | Video (1 Hour) Don Valentine, venture capital legend and founder of Sequoia Capital, discusses how he focuses on the market when making investments and his investment strategy. Valentine also talks about technology markets and why the art of storytelling is important to startups.

Targeting Early-Life-Cycle Managers | Matt Hill, Portfolio Manager, University Of Chicago | Exclusive Q&A. Matt Hill is a portfolio manager at the University of Chicago Office of Investments. In this interview, Hill discusses how his diverse experiences shaped his investment philosophy, his framework for evaluating prospective managers and why he's an advocate of targeting and investing in early-life-cycle managers.

Ray Dalio: The End Of Central Banking Dominated Era. For the last nine years, central banks drove interest rates to nil and pumped money into the system creating favorable carries and abundant cash. That era is ending.

From Series A To IPO: Benchmark's Partner | Podcast. Mitch Lasky is a general partner at Benchmark, one of the world's leading VC funds. Lasky discusses the decision-making process at Benchmark, why he prefers smaller VC teams and areas that he feels are highly investable.

How Blockchain Might Redefine Energy Markets. Though it was just a small test, a 2016 experiment performed by a startup in Brooklyn, New York showed blockchain technology is poised to become a major factor in the energy sector by shaking up the way commodities are traded.

Little-Known Cryptocurrency Hedge Fund Seeks $200M. The filing represents the latest bid to attract large-scale investors to funds built around cryptocurrency markets. In recent weeks, several existing investors in the space have moved to build similar efforts, including a $100 million bid to build an ICO-focused fund that has raised roughly a third of that amount to date.