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Career opportunity in buy-side investment management:
The fixed income investment analyst will assist senior portfolio managers for the New Mexico Educational Retirement Board's internally-managed investment grade fixed income portfolio, approximately $1 billion of the total $13 billion of investment assets. Responsibilities will include assisting the portfolio managers in the daily operations of the portfolio, including trading, monitoring economic and market metrics, analyzing credit and structure decisions regarding value and fit to the Core Bonds Fund, and monitoring the fund performance against an industry-wide benchmark and within the mandates of New Mexico statutes.

Minimum qualifications:
Bachelor’s degree in finance, economics, business management and administration, applied mathematics, or statistics. Preference will be given to applicants with work experience in institutional investing, pension fund management, trust fund management, or applied mathematics; to applicants with a Master’s degree in the above fields or financial engineering; and to applicants that have passed any level or all of the CFA exam.

Key responsibilities include:
1. Assist the senior portfolio managers in the selection and trading of securities and participate in portfolio strategy and structure discussions, assist in determining asset sector weightings relative to the benchmark, research and analyze investment securities and portfolio metrics and make recommendations to the senior portfolio managers. Analyst will assess trade ideas, evaluate strategies and perform price discovery and participate in scenario analysis to determine the impact on the portfolio and on individual securities.
2. Assist the portfolio managers in managing diligence materials on current and prospective investment opportunities by maintaining daily trade documentation and submitting appropriate documentation for settlement and monitoring the portfolio daily cash flows.
3. Assist the portfolio managers in the monitoring of the current portfolios by using portfolio management software, preparing forward-looking analysis of market change expectations and modeling portfolio impact of planned portfolio changes and modeling stress tests on the portfolio.
4. Ensure compliance with the NMERB Investment Policy Statement and Core Fixed Income Policy including analysis on investment counter-parties.

Located in historic Santa Fe, New Mexico, known for its multi-culturalism, abundant sunshine, artistic community, outdoor activities (hiking, biking, skiing), mild seasonal weather, opera, and more.


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