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Webinar : API Based Funds

Online Webinar

March 2020
1:00PM - 2:00PM Tuesday
Join Alex Bangash, founder and CEO of Trusted Insight, and listen in on his learnings and key takeaways on his learnings and key takeaways on API based funds, the complexities behind building API's, how API's accelerate the marketplace, and why API's will be in your portfolio. Also how machine learning software learns from real-time data in API's. Please join us, senior institutiuonal investors, and prominent entreprenuers on the learnings of API based funds. 

Time: 01:00PM PST 
Format: Online Webinar

We will cover topics such as:
  • What is an API Based Fund?
  • Why will API's be in your portfolio? 
  • What data networks are associated with API's?
  • How machine learning software learns from real time data with API's and much more. 

Note that space is limited - Please request your invite here. 

Featured Speaker at Webinar : API Based Funds