What are some of the things startup entrepreneurs should be doing to make themselves more attractive to investors?

Something like 4,000 companies are funded every year. In a good year, less than a hundred will IPO. For the rest that have exits, the exit and liquidity will be through M&A. A little bit of ... Show more

Corporate venture capital investors: what level of involvement do you seek with the companies where you invest?

BP Ventures is very active on the portfolio management side of things. It's our aim to take a board seat on every investment we make. We've had to make concessions in the past, but I don't think we... Show more

We had the Tokyo Summit in 2019, and the highlight was the collaboration between new innovative startups and then large corporations, traditional players. How can we help foster more collaboration?

I believe that trend will persist because there's a general recognition that innovation is happening much faster. It's harder for large companies to attract the talent coming out of univers... Show more