How have LPs gone about sourcing and doing diligence on managers for investments in China?

We believe we're partnered with the best managers globally, and we pay attention to their signals. They will help us identify the most attractive geographies, sectors, and trends. We initially broa... Show more

Institutional investors are debating whether to pull back on countries like China or to continue to invest there. What would you say to those that are debating the direction they should take?

It's certainly a complicated topic. But in short, we believe that while the investment risks in China are unquestionably higher than the investment risks in the U.S., those China-related risks are ... Show more

How are you thinking about emerging market investments, particularly with regard to the shifting dynamics between the United States and China?

Ed Grefenstette

Replied Aug 06

Geopolitical tensions are at a very high level right now. You can't invest in Asia and China without tolerating sharp ups and downs in sentiment and we are certainly experiencing a sharp decline of... Show more